Eligibility Conditions for Telangana/ AP Sub-Inspector of Police (SI)

POLICE RECRUITMENT BOARD(PRB) has been filling following Sub-Inspector categories :

  1. Stipendiary Cadet Trainee (SCT) Sub Inspector of Police (Civil) (Men & Women) in Police Department
  2. Stipendiary Cadet Trainee (SCT) Reserve Sub Inspector of Police (AR) (Men & Women) in Police Department
  3. Stipendiary Cadet Trainee (SCT) Reserve Sub Inspector of Police (SAR CPL) (Men) in Police Department
  4. Stipendiary Cadet Trainee (SCT) Reserve Sub Inspector of Police (TSSP) (Men) in Police Department
  5. Sub Inspector (Men) in Special Protection Force (SPF)  Department
  6. Station Fire Officer in Telangana State Disaster Response  & Fire Services Department

Eligibility Conditions for Sub-Inspector  of Police (SI):

A) Gender :  For the Posts  nos. 1 & 2, both Men & Women are eligible and for Post Nos. 3 to 6  only men are eligible.

   B) Age Limit  for Telanaga / AP (SI)  post :

i) General –   21  to   25 year for post no 1  to 5.

      18   to   30 years  for post  no 6.

ii) OBC , SC & ST :-  21  to  30 year for post no 1  to 5

                  18   to    35  years  for post  no 6.  

  C)   Minimum Educational Qualification for Telangana /AP (SI): 

The candidate must hold a Degree awarded by any University in India, established or incorporated by or under a Central Act, Provisional Act of State or of any institution recognised by the University Grants Commission or any other equivalent qualification.

In the case of a candidate belonging to Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes,  he/she must have passed  Intermediate or any other examination recognized by the Telangana State / A.P Government as being equivalent to Intermediate and should have studied 3 years Degree course.

D. Medical Standards  for Sub Inspector of Police (SI):

a) Eye Sight : Visual Standards required for the above selection shall be as

follows:                              Right Eye            Left Eye

(i) Distant Vision —       6/6                6/6

(ii) Near Vision —   0/5                0/5

(Snellen)               (Snellen)

ii) Each eye must have a full field of vision.

iii) Colour blindness, squint or any morbid condition of the eye or lids of either eye shall be deemed to be a disqualification.

b) The candidate should possess sound health and be free from any bodily defector infirmity which will render him unfit for the posts notified.

c) Candidates who have the following ailments or defects will not be considered  for   recruitment to any post specified in this rule

i) Physically handicapped

ii) Knocking-knees, pigeon chest, flat foot, Vericose veins, Hammer toes,fractured limbs, decayed teeth, stammering, hard of hearing and abnormal psychological behaviour.

NOTE : In order to prevent disappointment, candidates are advised to have themselves examined by a Civil Surgeon before applying for the examination to ensure that they meet the prescribed Physical and Medical Standards.

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